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Product name : PICKIT2 PIC ISP Tools
Item : PICKIT2-PIC-ISP-Tools
Price : 28
Details :

PICKIT2 PIC ISP Tools with high quanlity

Price: $28 US Dollar



PICKit2 function:
       PICKIT2 Our highly recommend a PIC development / learning tools , prices and more stable than ICD2 . PICKIT2 support online programming, simulation, debugging procedures and remain offline programming capabilities. Arrangement of the interface as a standard ICSP interface.  PICKIT2 supports two software are dedicated programming software PICkit2 ( v2.61 ) or MPLAB IDE development software platform, and ICD2 similar use. PICkit2 through the USB interface ICSPinterface is connected to the computer by USB powered no external power supply, programming and firmware upgrade distribution ICSP cable to connect to your development board or need programming chip set aside to complete the target microcontroller programming , simulation, debugging download. To purchase the products we provide detailed instructions for use, whether it is for learning or for the production of believe PICkit2 are your best choice.

he simulation programmer with a protective function, polyswitch increase on the basis of the original, with three indicator so that you can clearly understand the current state of the programmer a lot of similar products online, some indicator or The offline programming functions dispense with the please buyers seriously Contrast.

The three indicators are:   

                  Yellow light: Indicates whether external power supply

                  Green: power indicator emulator

                  Red: emulator busy state     

   PICKIT2 able on Microchip PIC10/12/16/18/24/32, dsPIC30/dsPIC33, almost full range of PIC FLASH microcontroller chip online programming and debugging. And PICKIT2 able to program Microchip's KEELOQ HCS series chip, MCP250xx CAN chip, EEPROM memory chip.(Detailed models See Schedule )


The PICkit2 support part number table:
PIC10F Series Devices:

PIC10F200, PIC10F202, PIC10F204, PIC10F206, PIC10F220, PIC10F222

PIC12F Series Devices:

The PIC12F509 is, PIC12F510 with the, the PIC12F519, the PIC12F609 PIC12HV609, the PIC12F615 PIC12F508,
PIC12F629 PIC12FHV615 , the PIC12F635, on PIC12F675, the PIC12F683

PIC16F Series Devices:

The PIC16F505, the PIC16F506, PIC16F526
, PIC16F54, PIC16F57, PIC16F59,
PIC16F610, PIC16FHV610, the PIC16F616
PIC16F627 PIC16FHV616 , the PIC16F628, a PIC16F627A., PIC16F628A, PIC16F648A, PIC16F630, the, the PIC16F631, PIC16F636 The PIC16F639 is
the PIC16F677 PIC16F676 , PIC16F684, PIC16F685, PIC16F687 The PIC16F688, PIC16F689, the PIC16F690,
PIC16F72, PIC16F73, PIC16F74, PIC16F76, PIC16F77, PIC16F722, PIC16F723, PIC16F724, PIC16F726, PIC16F727, PIC16F716,
the PIC16F737, PIC16F747, PIC16F767 have PIC16F777, the PIC16F785, PIC16FHV785,,,
the PIC16F84A, PIC16F87, PIC16F88, The PIC16F818, PIC16F819, PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872, PIC16F873, PIC16F874,
PIC16F876, PIC16F877, the PIC16F873A, PIC16F874A, PIC16F876A, the PIC16F877A, the PIC16F882, PIC16F883, PIC16F884, the PIC16F886, the PIC16F887,
the PIC16F913, PIC16F914 products, the PIC16F916, PIC16F917, PIC16F946, PIC16F1933, PIC16F1934, PIC16F1936, PIC16F1937,
PIC16F1938, PIC16F1939, PIC16LF1933, PIC16F1934, PIC16F1936, PIC16F1937, PIC16LF1938, PIC16LF1939

PIC18F Series Devices:

The PIC18F242, PIC18F252, The PIC18F442 is the PIC18F452
PIC18F248, PIC18F258, PIC18F448, PIC18F458
PIC18F1220 and the PIC18F1320, PIC18F2220, PIC18F2320
PIC18F1230, PIC18F1330
PIC18F2221, PIC18F2321
PIC18F2331, PIC18F2410, PIC18F2420,
PIC18F2450 the PIC18F2431 , PIC18F2455, PIC18F2458, PIC18F2480
PIC18F2510, PIC18F2515, the PIC18F2520, PIC18F2523
PIC18F2550, PIC18F2553, PIC18F2580, PIC18F2585
PIC18F2610, PIC18F2620, PIC18F2680
PIC18F2682, PIC18F2685
PIC18F4220, PIC18F4221
PIC18F4320 The PIC18F4321, PIC18F4331
PIC18F4410, PIC18F4420, PIC18F4423
PIC18F4431, PIC18F4450, PIC18F4455
PIC18F4458, PIC18F4480
PIC18F4510, PIC18F4515, PIC18F4520, PIC18F4523
PIC18F4525, PIC18F4550, PIC18F4553, PIC18F4580
PIC18F4610, PIC18F4620, PIC18F4680
PIC18F4682 The PIC18F4685
PIC18F6310, PIC18F6390, PIC18F6393
PIC18F6410, PIC18F6490, PIC18F6493
PIC18F6520, PIC18F6525, PIC18F6527, PIC18F6585
PIC18F6620, PIC18F6621, the PIC18F6622, PIC18F6627
PIC18F6628, PIC18F6680
PIC18F6720, PIC18F6722, PIC18F6723
PIC18F8310, PIC18F8390, PIC18F8393
PIC18F8410, the PIC18F8490 the PIC18F8493
PIC18F8520, PIC18F8525, PIC18F8527, PIC18F8585
PIC18F8621, PIC18F8620, the PIC18F8622 is PIC18F8627
PIC18F8628, PIC18F8680
the PIC18F8720, a PIC18F8722, the PIC18F8723

The PIC18F24J10, F25J10, F44J10 F45J10
PIC18LF24J10, LF25J10, LF44J10, LF45J10
PIC18F24J11, F25J11, F44J11, F45J11
PIC18LF24J11 LF25J11, LF44J11, LF45J11
PIC18F26J11, F46J11
PIC18LF26J11, LF46J11
PIC18F24J50, F25J50, F44J50, F45J50
PIC18LF24J50, LF25J50, LF44J50 LF45J50
PIC18F26J50 F46J50
PIC18LF26J50, LF46J50
PIC18F63J11, 63J90, 64J11, 64J90
PIC18F65J10, 65J11, 65J15
PIC18F65J50 65J90
PIC18F66J10, 66J11, 66J15, 66J16
PIC18F66J50, 66J55, 66J60, 66J65
PIC18F67J10, 67J11, 67J50, 67J60
PIC18F83J11, 83J90, 84J11, 84J90
PIC18F85J10 , 85J11, 85J15, 85J50
PIC18F86J10, 86J11, 86J15, 86J16
PIC18F86J50, 86J55, 86J60, 86J65
The PIC18F87J10, 87J11, 87J50, 87J60
PIC18F96J60, 96J65
FOR PIC18F97J60 PIC18F13K22 LF13K22, F14K22, LF14K22The PIC18F13K50, 14K50 PIC18F23K20, 24K20, 25K20 26K20PIC18F43K20, 44K20, 45K20, 46K20

PIC24 Series Devices:

PIC24F04KA200, 04KA201
PIC24F08KA101, 08KA102
PIC24F16KA101, 16KA102 PIC24FJ16GA002, 16GA004PIC24FJ32GA002, 32GA004 PIC24FJ32GA102, 32GA104PIC24FJ32GB002, 32GB004 PIC24FJ48GA002 48GA004PIC24FJ64GA002, 64GA004 PIC24FJ64GA102, 64GA104PIC24FJ64GB002, 64GB004 PIC24FJ64GA006, 64GA008, 64GA010 PIC24FJ64GB106, 64GB108, 64GB110PIC24FJ96GA006, 96GA008, 96GA010 PIC24FJ128GA006 128GA008, 128GA010 PIC24FJ128GA106 128GA108, 128GA110 PIC24FJ128GB106, 128GB108, 128GB110PIC24FJ192GA106, 192GA108, 192GA110 PIC24FJ192GB106, 192GB108, 192GB110 PIC24FJ256GA106, 256GA108, 256GA110 PIC24FJ256GB106, 256GB108, 256GB110PIC24HJ12GP201, 12GP202 PIC24HJ16GP304PIC24HJ32GP202 32GP204 PIC24HJ32GP302 32GP304PIC24HJ64GP202 64GP204 PIC24HJ64GP206, 64GP210 64GP506 PIC24HJ64GP502 64GP504, 64GP510PIC24HJ128GP202, 128GP204 PIC24HJ128GP206, 128GP210 128GP306 PIC24HJ128GP310 PIC24HJ128GP502, 128GP504PIC24HJ128GP506, 128GP510 PIC24HJ256GP206 256GP210, 256GP610

dsPIC30 Series Devices

onboard the dsPIC30F1010
dsPIC30F2010, 2011, 2012
dsPIC30F2020 2023
dsPIC30F 3010, 3011, 3012
dsPIC30F3013, 3014
dsPIC30F4011, 4012, 4013
the dsPIC30F5011, 5013, 5015, 5016
dsPIC30F6010A, 6011A, 6012A
dsPIC30F6013A, 6014A, 6015

dsPIC33 Series Devices:

dsPIC33FJ12GP201 12GP202
dsPIC33FJ32GP202 32GP204
dsPIC33FJ32GP302, 32GP304
dsPIC33FJ64GP202, 64GP204
dsPIC33FJ64GP206, 64GP306, 64GP310
dsPIC33FJ64GP706, 64GP708, 64GP710
dsPIC33FJ64GP802, 64GP804
dsPIC33FJ128GP202, 128GP204
dsPIC33FJ128GP206, 128GP306, 128GP310
dsPIC33FJ128GP706, 128GP708, 128GP710
dsPIC33FJ128GP802, 128GP804
dsPIC33FJ256GP506, 256GP510, 256GP710dsPIC33FJ06GS101, 06GS102 06GS202 dsPIC33FJ16GS402, 16GS404 dsPIC33FJ16GS502, 16GS504 dsPIC33FJ12MC201 12MC202 dsPIC33FJ16MC304 dsPIC33FJ32MC202, 32MC204dsPIC33FJ32MC302, 32MC304 dsPIC33FJ64MC202, 64MC204dsPIC33FJ64MC506, 64MC508, 64MC510 dsPIC33FJ64MC706, 64MC710 dsPIC33FJ64MC802, 64MC804dsPIC33FJ128MC202, 128MC204 dsPIC33FJ128MC506, 128MC510 dsPIC33FJ128MC706, 128MC708, 128MC710dsPIC33FJ128MC802, 128MC804 dsPIC33FJ256MC510, 256MC710

PIC32 Series Devices:

PIC32MX320F032H, 320F064H
PIC32MX320F128H, 320F128L
PIC32MX340F128H 340F128L
PIC32MX360F256L, 360F512L
PIC32MX440F128L 440F128H
PIC32MX460F256L, 460F512L 11 Series Serial EEPROM Devices:


24 Series Serial EEPROM Devices

24LC/AA01B, 02B, 04B, 08B
24LC/AA16B 32A
24LC/AA/FC64 of, 128, 256, 512

25 Series Serial EEPROM Devices

25LC/AA010A, 020A, 040A
25LC/AA080A, 080B, 160A, 160B
25LC/AA320A 640A
25LC/AA128 of, 256, 512, 1024

93 Series Serial EEPROM Devices

25LC/AA/C46A, 46B, 46C
25LC/AA/C56A, 56B, 56C
25LC/AA/C66A, 66B, 66C
25LC/AA/C47A, 76B, 76C
25LC/AA/C48A, 86B, 86C

MCP250xx CAN Devices

MCP25020, 25025
MCP25050, 25055


Package List


1: PICKIT2 simulation programmer  x 1
2: a high quality magnetic black USB cable x 1
3: ICSP 6P cable (to connect with your development board) x 1
4: software and manual 


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