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JLINK ARM JTAG emulator V8

JLINK ARM JTAG emulator V8 JLINK ARM JTAG emulator V8 JLINK ARM JTAG emulator V8 JLINK ARM JTAG emulator V8
Product name : JLINK ARM JTAG emulator V8
Item : JLINK V8
Price : 23
Details :

JLINK ARM JTAG emulator V8

 Price: $23 US Dollar























download firmware to proxmark3








JLINK / J-LINK V8 Simulator ARM USB JTAG(full version, support firmware updates)

J-LINK V8 supports ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-M3 core, ADS, IAR, KEIL development environment
V8.0 V7.0 version of the improved version of the relative:
(1) improving the SWD interface circuit, the use of counterfeit JLINK V8 JTAG debug debug mode can be normal
when debugging CORTEX-M3 core chips will not use SWD functionality
V7 hardware SWD part with the V8 not the same, if forced to switch to SWD mode, JLINK the main chip will be destroyed!
JLINK V8 interface circuit using two-level converter chip, using a level converter chip will be fake V8!

(2) V8.0 using two-color LED can indicate more work status, V7.0 only an LED indicator light

(3) to optimize the firmware structure and function of the firmware upgrade bootloader area to move to double the size of the application area
 Easy to add new features;

(4) support for ARM11 better and faster than JLINK V7, is the first choice for ARM11.
Other differences:
1) J-Link V8 use AT91SAM7S64, expanding the capacity of Flash and SRAM to facilitate future upgrades;

2) J-Link V8 improves the SWD interface, an increase of driver chips, (V6 and V7 in the SWD is a direct quote from the pin to the target CPU board);
3) J-Link V8 SWD improved control methods, V7 is the I / O direct-drive, V8 with a special method, there is not effective anyway
    V8's SWD velocities slower than the V7
4) J-LinkV8 have three lights, one directed USB Communications, a direct target CPU, reset state, a direct 5V output is turned on
    V7 only 1 USB communication indicator
5) J-Link V8's firmware update process is not DLL, and can not write the same as V7 Bootloader on a simple easy to crack
  V8's Bootloader need to implement USB device connectivity;


J-Link emulation is SEGGER company ARM core chip to support the launch of the JTAG emulator.
With the IAR EWARM, ADS, KEIL, WINARM, RealView and other integrated development environment supports all ARM7/ARM9 core chip simulation
Through RDI interface and the integrated development environment for seamless connectivity, easy, convenient connections
Easy to learn, is learning and developing ARM best and most practical development tools.
J-Link ARM Features:
* IAR EWARM integrated development environment seamlessly connected JTAG Emulator
* Support all ARM7/ARM9 core chips, as well as cortex M3, including Thumb mode
* Support for ADS, IAR, KEIL, WINARM, REALVIEW almost all of the development environment
* Download speeds of up to ARM7: 600kB / s, ARM9: 550kB / s, through the DCC up to 800 kB / s
* The maximum JTAG speed 12 MHz
* Target board voltage range 1.2V-3.3V, 5V compatible
* Auto speed recognition
* Monitoring all JTAG signals and target board voltage
* Fully plug and play
* Use the USB power supply (but not the target board power supply)
* With a USB cable and 20-core flat cable
* Support multi-device JTAG serial connection
* Standard 20-core JTAG emulation connector
* Optional 14-core JTAG emulation connector
* Optional adapter for 5V targets board
J-Link support for ARM cores:
* ARM7TDMI (Rev 1)
* ARM7TDMI (Rev 3)
* ARM7TDMI-S (Rev 4)
* ARM720T * ARM920T
* ARM926EJ-S
* ARM946E-S
* ARM966E-S
* ARM11
* Cortex-M3
Product Specifications
USB power supply, the whole current <50mA
USB Interface USB 2.0 full speed 12Mbps
Target board interfaces
 JTAG (20P)
J-Link and target board serial data transfer speed between the 12MHz maximum
Supported target board voltage 1.2 - 3.3V, 5V compatible
Target board power supply voltage 4.5 - 5V (provided by the USB 5V)
Target board power supply current max 300mA, with overcurrent protection
Operating temperature   +5 ° C ... +60 ° C
Storage temperature     -20 ° C ... +65
Humidity <90%
Size (without cables) 100mm x 53mm x 27mm
Weight (without cable) 70g
EMC EN 55022, EN 55024
Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP x64
Microsoft Windows 2003
Microsoft Windows 2003 x64
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista x64


Package List


1 x Jlink V8.0 emulator

1 x 20P line of a standard JTAG 
1 x USB line

1 x interface small  board


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