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Update firmware to CDC version of proxmark3

Author : Gezhitech Date : 2013-04-30 16:00:51
Update firmware to CDC version of proxmark3

 Our currunt firmware is HID interface, now update it to the CDC version in XP system.

1. use the older flash.exe to update the fullimage.elf as before.
flasher.exe fullimage.elf

2. use the older flasher.exe to update the boorom.elf,  press the button down and reconnect the pm3 to computer, this will force the pm3 into bootrom mode,  and keep it down untill the flash begin to operate,

flasher.exe -b bootrom.elf

Now reconnect the pm3 to computer and install the new pm3 driver, it will recognize as a com port. See it on the computer device list.

If you can not install the driver, maybe your XP system lost of two files  mdmcpq.inf  and  usbser.sys
Download it here.