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Supported tag types by proxmark3

Author : xfpga Date : 2012-12-12 12:43:03

Supported tag types

Below is a table summarizing various tag types and operations supported on the latest SVN version of the Proxmark3 firmware : it is not limitating in any way, get back to me if you have tested other tag types


Manufacturer Tag name Frequency Modulation Read Simulate Snoop Comment
ST Micro SRI512 13.56MHz ISO14443-B Yes No Yes UID read, memory dump.
NXP and many others Mifare 13.56MHz ISO14443-A Yes Yes Yes Very Limited simulation capabilities in current firmware
NXP icode SLI 13.56MHz ISO15693 Yes No No Simulation code not working. Limited reading capabilities.
EM Microelectronics EM Marin 
4200 series
125kHz 125kHz OOK Yes Yes No Simulation not tested, manchester encoded. 
Exists in several variants, but I only encountered the Manchester type.
Nedap Nedap 125kHz 120kHz OOK Yes Yes No Simulation not tested, manchested encoded, works at 125kHz
HID (formerly Motorola) Indala 125kHz 125kHz BPSK Yes Yes No UID is scrambled, but replay works.
HID HID Prox 125kHz 125kHz FSK Yes Yes No Replay works. Decoding either on the Proxmark, or in the client.